Hello.Anyone out there?

Hi. Hola. Guten Tag.Ni hao.

That about sums up my foreign language skills. Have any cool ones to share?

Hi – welcome to my online spot to ramble about what is going on in my life. I guess you could look at this as my online therapist. I just don’t have to pay for the feedback and not see the eye-rolls when/if you think I’m off my rocker.

A little about me – I’m a gal originally from the Midwest who now lives in Arizona (and I HATE it here). I am also a mom to one amazing ten year old who is highly gifted; highly neurotic and so unorganized that he looses things before he gets them. His personality has caused many problems in my home but he is my reason for living. Literally.

I’ve been married for almost twelve years. Together almost 15. I won’t say he’s my best friend. I’m not sure I have a best friend. We’ve been through A LOT (I’ll touch on most later) and we’re more like roommates going through the motions of marital bliss but to ask if I’m in love, I’m not sure of that answer.

I am a daughter. My beloved dad passed away six years ago and I miss him terribly. He was zany and goofy but my first love and the one person in my life I could always count on. He and my son had such a bond and I’m sad that my son doesn’t have that anymore. My Mom is around and I’m trying to build an adult relationship with her but the pain from my childhood still haunts me and I have these walls built up around me that makes things hard. Living nearly 1800 miles away doesn’t help either.

I’m a sister and I was a granddaughter too but all my grandparents are now gone.

I guess I am a friend. My chronic health conditions make being a friend hard at times. REAL hard and when you prefer to not be around people friending is hard.

I am an animal lover. Dogs. Cats. Donkey’s. Elephants. Manatees. If I won a large lottery I’d buy land have a sanctuary for all the dogs that society forgot about. I’d hug them and love them each and every day.

I’m also Fat. Not “My 600 Pound Life” fat, but obese. I’ve lost and gained probably that 600 pounds in my life but I’m fat nonetheless. Especially according to society, but can I let ya in on a secret? I’m content with myself. Sure, I wish my back fat was smaller and my thighs didn’t rub so much, but I’m content. I don’t get disgusted when I look in the mirror and I’m not ecstatic either. I’m content.

Anywho, in addition to all of the above, I’m also a chronic health warrior. I have Multiple Sclerosis and just recently was diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera, a mutation in my bone marrow. It’s also cancer.

I work full-time and parent full-time but by no means am I a SuperMom. I’m just a mom. A mom living for my son. A mom trying to balance work, life and my health. A mom who thoroughly enjoys tacos and nachos and cheese and bread and tiramisu.

I hope to engage with you. I hope to not bore you. I hope my Fat Ramblings can make you laugh and make y ou think and maybe make you love deeper.

Some would say that if I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck. But I’m playing the hand dealt to me; it may not be a royal flush but I’m still alive, kicking, and screaming on this side of the ground.